Rabito Clinic expands to Dansoman

For patients in Dansoman who wish to benefit from the excellent services of Rabito Clinic, the leading dermatology, obstetrics, and gynecology services health facility in the country, you no longer need to move all the way to Osu or any other branch in Accra.

Right in the heart of Dansoman at Control, opposite the old Dansoman Police Station, Rabito Clinic has opened a new branch, the 17th, to serve the thousands of residents of one of Accra's most popular suburbs.

Equipped with the best doctors, nurses and other health professionals, the Dansoman branch has a reception, the nurses’ station, the doctors’ station, the laboratory, pharmacy, and cashier and is also the first to go paperless in the processing of patients through the various departments.

In addition to the new branch, the company is evolving with the introduction of e-health, its innovative service aimed at reaching patients online. As a website and an application, Rabito’s e-health allow patients to talk to doctors, get diagnosed and even treated in the comfort of their homes, offices or anywhere they choose.

As part of the grander vision of Professor Edmund Delle, the founder, to offer the best of healthcare to Ghanaians and beyond, the addition of Dansoman and e-health are milestones worth celebrating, Karen A. S. Hendrickson, Rabito’s Chief Executive Officer, said at the launch.

“Dansoman has many families but when they want the best of care they have to go all the way to the city and so we want to be in the neighborhood where it is easy for patients to come to us and we want to make things very convenient for them,” she said.

While appreciating the effort of her team, internally and externally, she added that the company has come a long way and the establishment of the Dansoman branch and e-health facility have been in the works for more than a year and a half.

“The launch of the Dansoman branch and e-health are small milestones in the scheme of things but they are powerful. They are evidence of a powerful vision; a vision that started long before most of us were even born. This is a vision our founder, Professor Edmund Delle, has seen from the very beginning when he left the comfort and security of his job in Italy to come home and build a legacy.

Today, we are just expanding on that legacy. It has been a long road but coming to this point, it gladdens my heart that we have a team in Rabito that has been part of the journey, sacrifice and determination to make his dream a reality. This is the first stop on the road to many more Rabito Clinics across the country. No accomplishment can be done by one or two people and I thank our entire team, internally and externally,” she added.

Dr. Anthony Dery, an obstetrician gynecologist, who came back to Ghana eight years ago after studying in Italy and working in South Africa, Nigeria and the UK, will be visiting the Dansoman branch on Tuesdays and Thursdays to render his services to women in Dansoman and its environs.

Giving a brief history of the clinic, Professor Delle said he named the clinic after his mentor, the late Professor Rabito, an Italian dermatologist formerly of University Padua, Italy. After studying in the University of Padua in 1970 and the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belguim in 1972 for his Doctor of Medicine & Surgery (MD) and Post Graduate Diploma, Professor Delle came back to Ghana to establish the clinic as part of his contribution to national development.

From a little start in 1974 in a rented apartment at Kanda, a suburb of Accra, Rabito Clinic continued expanding its tentacles across the length and breadth of the nation. “One thing that had kept the clinic going over the years has been the mantra ‘we medicate and God cures’ and ‘we take God as our guide’,” he added.

He noted that Rabito Clinic is creating a network of clinics, not only for profit, but the love to care for patients and project the country with its effective delivery support. “If you don’t love people you cannot do medicine. Rabito has come to stay; people first and money secondary. Our primary aim is to help. We are doing it for you, not for money.”

Professor Delle’s main worry with patient is that most people prefer home treatment of skin diseases and often report when the ailment has advanced to a point where treatment becomes challenging.

He therefore advised against self-medication. “The skin is the mirror of the organs of the body but only 3percent of skin diseases are reported to health centers worldwide.” He added that some rashes that develop on the skin are linked to other health conditions, therefore, it was not prudent for individuals to resort to self-medication.

The institution is in the process of completing a state-of-the-art facility in East Legon that will not only specialize in dermatology but will be able to undertake cosmetic procedures. It will have the first dermatology pharmacy, where everything in there will have something to do with the skin. The East Legon facility is expected to be opened in the first quarter of 2019.

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