46th Anniversary Of Rabito Clinic

Nananom, Distinguished Guests, Colleagues, Staff, Ladies and Gentlemen gathered here today; it is my uttermost, and humble pleasure to have you all here on this SPECIAL DAY in the annals and history of Rabito Clinic.

Today marks yet another milestone in the history of a Clinic that has stood the test of time from when it was established some 46 years ago. The ideals of Rabito Clinic still remain intact and strong and today Rabito Clinic is dotted across the country with fifteen and counting active branches. Today, Rabito can be located in all the regions of Ghana.

Since 1974 when Rabito was established, the vision has been and still is; TO BE A LEADING PRIVATE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER, DELIVER QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE TO ALL.

The Mission Statement of Rabito Clinic is as follows;

• To develop well-trained and dedicated professional healthcare staff with specialization in dermatology.

• To continually provide quality healthcare in general medicine, dermatology and other specialized areas.

• To establish additional clinics in co-operation with the Ministry of Health.

• To strengthen the Rabito foundation to assist in soliciting medical equipment and supplies to better serve remote and rural communities.

Nananom, Distinguish Guests and all gathered here today to celebrate with us; I can boldly say that, Rabito has strived all these years to attain the above Mission Statement.

We have a dedicated, professional and well-trained Staff in their aforementioned fields.

We have continually provided quality healthcare in general medicine, dermatology and other specialized areas and this has won Rabito several distinguish and noble awards.

We have established additional Clinics and as stated earlier, we have fifteen and counting Clinics dotted all over the country and we have worked and continue to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Health and its allied agencies.

We have established a stronger Rabito Foundation to reach out almost at no cost to rural Ghana. CAHPS will be re-launched in the coming weeks to continue actively with its purpose.

Nananom, Distinguish Guests and all gathered here today, Rabito has not been left out in this highly technological world.

Today, Patients can book appointment at-the-go from their phones at their convenience anywhere and everywhere.

Doctors and Health Professionals at Rabito can attend to Patients live through the aide of technology. Thus to say, Rabito has revolutionized to the extent that, Consultations can be done through the phone or internet and prescriptions can be delivered to Patients through the courier.

Nananom, Distinguished Guests, Colleagues, Staff, Ladies & Gentlemen gathered here to celebrate our 46th milestone with us today, kindly permit me to use this opportunity to announce to you that, Rabito Osu Branch is now a confirmed Supervised Training Center in Ghana. This was conferred on us by the Ghana Medical and Dental Council recently. What this means it that, Rabito is now an accredited Training Center in its related fields. In the coming weeks and months, Rabito will commence the training of Students in its related fields and will be graduating quality, qualified, practical and professional graduates in its related fields.

I have lived to witness this day. I have worked hard to witness this day and most importantly, this was not achieved by me alone but with the help with all Rabito Staff and affiliates. Cheers to this noble milestone and congratulations to us all.

We remain focused and committed to delivering professional and affordable healthcare to all most especially rural Ghana. In Rabito, we say; WE MEDICATE AND GOD HEALS YOU.

Cheers to another 46 years and more. I thank you all for making time to celebrate with us today. God bless each and every one of you here and God bless our homeland Ghana.

Naa Professor Edmund N. Delle

Founder & Board Chairman

Rabito Clinic

RABITO CLINIC LIMITED has over 45 years of experience in providing dermatological and general medical services in Ghana.
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