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Patients Testimonials

“For over 10 years of my life I have had severe acne and despite traveling worldwide for cures, nothing seemed to work. Having severe acne completely ate at my confidence throughout my teenage years.  Until I was recommended to Rabito Clinic in Ghana, I felt as if I would have to learn how to live with acne for the rest of my life. Although, I have recently started my treatment there is a visible change in my skin and for this I’m completely over the moon and thankful. Along with efficient staff and a clean environment my experience with Rabito Clinic has been nothing short of amazing.

Shayla Hassell

“Customers and client services were amicable.  Although I had not visited Rabito for a long time, getting a replacement card was fast. Staff are very friendly and quick to respond to patient needs.”

—  Sophia

“I had a terrible acne for over 6 years, and it was so bad that I even thought I was cursed. There was nothing more depressing than waking up with blotchy, inflamed skin covered with zits. I remember that feeling every time I looked in the mirror because I didn’t feel like me. There were times that I didn’t feel like going to the office (yes that was how bad I got to). I was fighting what seemed like a never-ending battle after trying all sort of medication both traditional and orthodox, but nothing seemed to be working. At the point when I almost gave up and thought all hope was lost, I was introduced to Rabito clinic and I can’t imagine my 6 years’ nightmare of terrible acne now appears lost after speaking with the dermatologist. My face couldn’t have been clearer, smother and beautiful than the aftermath of my encounter with Rabito. For anyone reading, know that there are treatments, you just have to find the right one.”

—  Leticia Sekyiwaa Yeboah

“Koforidua branch to show my appreciation for working a miracle in my baby’s life. My child, Emmanuella, is only seven months old and has battled varied degrees of rashes and boils on her hands and soles since birth. The rashes have been persistent, even after visiting various health facilities for cure. When I finally heard of and took my child to Rabito Clinic based on recommendation, I experienced how efficient Rabito is in what they do. For only 2weeks of receiving treatment from Rabito, Emmanuella has seen a massive change in her condition. I am a happy mother now, full of gratitude to Rabito. Thank you for touching Emmanuella’s life with your expertise, commitment, exceptional healthcare and love.”

  Mother of 7-month old Emmanuella

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