Job Openings

Are you a dynamic, self-starter, motivated, enthusiastic, and a go-getter? If you're seeking exciting opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry, your search ends here. Rabito Clinic is on the lookout for dedicated professionals who are ready to harness their skills and talents to serve across our expansive network of 24+ branches and our innovative telemedicine platform, located throughout Ghana.

Join Our Team:

We believe that our strength lies in our team, and we're excited to welcome new members who share our commitment to excellence. Rabito Clinic offers a diverse range of job opportunities, each contributing to our mission of providing quality healthcare services to our community.

Current Job Openings:
  • Dermatology Officers: Join our team of dermatological experts to deliver top-notch care for skin health.

  • Nursing Officers: Make a difference in patient care as a dedicated nursing professional.

  • Health Assistants: Support our healthcare initiatives as a crucial part of the team.

  • Administrators: Play a vital role in the smooth operation of our healthcare facilities.

  • Pharmacy Manager: Lead our pharmacy services with expertise and professionalism.

  • eScheduler: Contribute to the efficient management of appointments and schedules.

  • eDoctor: Join our telemedicine platform as a virtual healthcare provider.

  • eScribe: Assist in documenting and managing healthcare records.

  • eDispenser: Ensure the accurate and timely dispensing of medications.

  • eCashier: Manage financial transactions with precision and care.

  • eCoordinator: Play a key role in coordinating healthcare services for our patients.

How to Apply:

To apply for any of these exciting positions, kindly send your CV, a cover letter, and copies of your educational certificates to, copying We welcome your applications and look forward to the opportunity to work with dynamic and passionate professionals like you.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding your application, please feel free to get in touch with our Human Resource team at +233 (0) 546 548 476. We're here to assist and guide you through the application process.