Rabito Foundation

Rabito Foundation

The Rabito Foundation provides general health and dermatology services for less-advantaged people in rural Ghana. Interested in funding the healthcare services of a child in a remote area of Ghana?
Contact us via info@rabitoclinic.com


Rabito Clinic has over 45 years of experience in providing dermatological and general medical services in Ghana.
House No. F886/2 14th Lane
Behind Koala Shopping Center
Post Office Box AN-7286, Osu
Accra, Ghana
Phone:+233 (0) 552 200 777
Email: info@rabitoclinic.com
Our Accessibility
Rabito Clinic currently has over 24 active branches throughout Ghana, with its headquarters in Osu, Accra.
Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
08:00am to 7:00pm

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)